The highest quality materials assembled by the world’s best craftsman

From the Best Materials, without Compromising Quality

The best beds in the world are hand-made in North Karelia in Finland, using the highest-quality materials, drawing upon the serenity and rugged beauty of pristine nature.

The internationally renowned Pauli Jämsén Designer Beds collection was created as the result of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. The bedding designer Pauli Jämsén only accepts the world’s best materials for his products.

The premium-class beds, with all their details honed to perfection, are pleasing even to the most demanding eye. The flawless masterpieces of North Karelian craftsmanship, Jämsén’s beds meet all kinds of interior design requirements.

In addition to the materials and the level of workmanship being the absolute best, the beds can be customised according to the sleeper’s personal characteristics and preferences. The Pauli Jämsén Designer Beds collection are made according to the customer’s wishes. Such a personalised, versatile manufacturing service is totally new and unique in the bedding industry.

The springs of a bed must support the natural position of the body and the spine during sleep, so that the night’s sleep would be as invigorating and restful as possible. Among the numerous spring manufacturers in Pauli Jämsén’s partner network, he chooses namely those products that would best meet the personal characteristics and requirements of each sleeper.

The prerequisites for a good night’s sleep would include the most breathable bedding material on the market. These materials keep the sleeper’s skin dry and comfortable. Based on his thirty years of experience, Pauli Jämsén is well aware of who manufactures the most suitable bedding materials for his collection.

Sleep enjoyment is perfect when the bed is pleasing to the eye as well as to the body. The finishing touch for these superior beds comes from the fabrics from the Annala textile factory at Lapua, combining centuries of crafting traditions with modern technology. You can select the bed fabric from among hundreds of different options. For creating designs, it is also possible to use a photograph provided by the customer.

The professionals trained by Pauli Jamsen Designer Beds make each bed by hand, ensuring the impeccability of every detail. The sturdy frame of the beds is genuine Finnish birch, grown in the cleanest forest in the world. As much time is spent on the manufacturing of beds as required for the flawless finishing process.

Pauli Jämsén requires his employees to have the same passion and dedication to providing the best sleep in the world, just like himself. Only a perfect product is good enough for the Pauli Jämsén Designer Beds collection.

Pauli Jamsen Designer Beds