Koitere® Silver

1. Made from the highest quality materials and top of the line designer fabrics, the silver collection is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a high quality silver series product.

Box-Springs and mattresses are made to the customer’s specifications. Materials such as fabrics, springs, headboards, feet, box-spring molding and mattress toppers can all be chosen to make this a high quality sleeping unit.

Silver collection product family includes European style beds, Continental Beds, Motion Beds all with the full assortment of fabrics and options to choose from.


Koitere Silver mattress is made of the highest quality materials. Individually pocketed coils to give the sleeper the proper support.

Koitere Silver has many different options to choose from.

With our unique custom order beds, you will be able to choose from spring units, Mattress Topper, Upholstery Fabrics, Headboards, Legs and designer molding for the box-spring.