Koitere® Diamond

Koitere Diamond collection is a premium class bed collection, which is produced in the highest quality materials.

Our individually pocketed spring units guarantee excellent support throughout the night. We have the highest standard for the materials that are selected to go into our beds. Searching the globe, we have found the finest fabrics to insure the ultimate in quality.

Koitere Diamond Lite Continental
Koitere Diamond Motor Bed
Koitere Diamond Frame Bed

Koitere Diamond Box-Spring, You can choose from three different spring units that will give you the best individual support. Koitere Diamond Mattress is of the highest quality and is specifically made to breath throughout the night to keep the sleeper cool.

Koitere Diamond’s spring system gives the ability to select the individual characteristics of each sleeper. You can choose from over 200 designer fabrics in our line to give your bedroom a fresh new designer look.

Koitere Diamond has many different options to choose from.

With our unique custom order beds, you will be able to choose from spring units, Mattress Topper, Upholstery Fabrics, Headboards, Legs and designer molding for the box-spring.